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About Our Bakery

Bigwood Bread has been baking locally in Sun Valley since 1997. Only the freshest and most wholesome ingredients from sustainable sources are used in every one of our recipes. Our starter was brought here from France, and we’ve been nurturing it for over 25 years. Our specialties include fresh-baked bread, pastries, granola, cookies, honey, coffee, and more.

Sourdough Round

Our sourdough is said to be the best around. Leavened with our Country Wheat dough, it has a tangy flavor, high acidity, and is guaranteed to pucker your mouth. It's chewier and tangier than the typical Bay area offering. It's perfect served as a boule filled with soup or a warm artichoke dip.


This beautiful artisan bread is our most popular bread selection. It’s chewy and nutty flavor comes from the combination of whole wheat flour, white flour and wheat lavain, flax seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, rolled oats, sea salt, and our own Bigwood Bread local honey. When toasted, the nutty flavor of the sunflower seeds comes through in a mind blowing way! This bread is perfect for special occasion or nightly dinner tables. Sliced for toast, it is amazing topped with avocado, peanut butter, and local Bigwood Bread honey. Or keep it simple with classic butter and jelly.


Our Country Bread, or Campagne, is the traditional farm bread of the European countryside. A piece of today's dough is used for tomorrow's bread which gives it a slight sourdough taste. The American colonists used a similar method to make a rustic, light, wheat bread of medium acidity. Made from baguette dough, but shaped into a round loaf, this bread has a light taste, airy crumb, and chewy thick crust.


Ciabatta, meaning slipper or old shoe in Italian, is a light wheat bread that has an airy texture, light acidity, mild flavor, and a chewy crust. It is a basic everyday bread that is perfect to serve with soups, salads and pastas.

French Baguette

Our baguette has a tight texture, mild flower, and chewy crust. Made with only 5 ingredients and no preservatives, this classic baguette is great with pasta and can also be used for fondue, dinner table bread, sandwiches, crostini's, or as a dipping bread.

Epi Baguette

This beautiful pull-apart bread is always a crowd pleaser. With its distinct appearance and crunchy tips, this bread will never be turned down! The Epi Baguette is one of our most popular breads and is beautiful in baskets. It's great for individual rolls or just for snacking.

Baldy Baguette

Our Baldy Baguette is our classic baguette with the addition of Asiago cheese, garlic infused olive oil, and sprinkled salt and black pepper. Great for sandwiches or to chow down on by itself.

Demi Baguette

A petite version of our french baguette, the Demi also has a tight texture, mild flower, and chewy crust and is made with only 5 ingredients and no preservatives. It's perfect for sandwiches!


Our sourdough is said to be the best around. Leavened with our Country Wheat dough, it has a tangy flavor, high acidity, and is guaranteed to pucker your mouth. It's chewier and tangier than the typical Bay area offering. When sliced and toasted, it loves a little sweet butter or Bigwood Breads own Creamed Honey spread all over it! It's also great as a daily sandwich bread.


This bread's chewy, nutty combination is made from whole wheat flour, white flour and wheat lavain flax seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, rolled oats, sea salt, and our own Bigwood Bread local honey. The long, slow fermentation allows all the flavors of many grains to develop properly and are complimented by honey and roasted sunflower seeds. It makes a great base layer for tartines, veggie sandwiches, avocado toast, or lather it with peanut butter and Bigwood Bread local Wildflower Honey.

Honey Wheat

Made with a mix of unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, and Bigwood Bread local honey, our honey wheat has a medium texture with beautiful color and hint of honey flavor. Great for sandwiches, or toasted and topped with bananas and drizzled Bigwood Bread local wildflower honey.


A rich, buttery bread made with eggs, oil and local Bigwood Bread honey. The paper-thin crust and softness make it easy to tear off bite size pieces and savor one mouthful at a time. It’s incredible on its own and also excellent for bread pudding and French toast.

Challah — Braided & Buns

A handsome braided bread made with eggs, oil and local Bigwood Bread honey, this is a truly celebratory bread. Traditionally Jewish egg bread, which is often braided, this bread is made for Rosh Hashanah and other holidays. Challah is tender and mildly sweet. The delicate honey flavor is just sweet enough that no toppings are needed.


Made with our airy ciabatta dough, punched down by hand, coated with extra virgin olive oil, and topped with sea salt and pepper for baking, this bread does not disappoint. It can be eaten as is, sliced in half for a sandwich, or accompany a warm bowl of soup or fresh salad.


Our traditional bagels are very similar to New York-style bagels in that our water's mineral content is very similar to the water in New York. We use unbleached wheat flour, our Bigwood Bread local honey, sea salt and yeast. We boil our bagels in malt then top and bake. Our flavors are plain, asiago cheese, everything, and sesame. Eat it for breakfast with cream cheese, or enjoy it lunch with lunch meats. However you eat it, you're sure to love it!

Pastries, Treats, and More


Classic Our classic croissant is rolled out into many layers and made with more butter than you really need to know about. They rise before being gently sprayed with a light egg wash and then are baked in our rotating rack ovens until lightly golden.

Almond We gently spread a layer of almond paste into the middle of our golden classic croissant, spray it with a light egg wash, top it with almonds, and dust it with powdered sugar once it leaves the oven.

Ham and Cheese Filled with our mornay sauce, black forest ham, and gruyère cheese, for some it’s a small meal. Its slightly rolled at the sides to create an open display of meat, cheese, and golden crispiness.


We have a list of rotating cupcake flavors that change seasonally.  They’re the perfect individual cake with just the right amount of frosting. We carry 3 flavors each season including some of these customer favorites:

  • Red Velvet
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • German Chocolate
  • Carrot Cake
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate


Cinnamon Made with our croissant dough, we smear our homemade filling from corner to corner, roll, cut, rise, and bake. After a being topped with a cream cheese icing, it’s ready to devoured!

Giant Cinnamon Its our classic cinnamon roll but with plump raisins added to the filling—oh, and let’s make it 3 times larger than our classic roll while were at it.

Sticky Bun Also referred to as a pecan roll or the, “Oh my gosh—can I get one of those?” rolls. We again use our croissant dough, slather on our homemade sticky bun smear, roll, rise, and and with the pecans all rolled into the center. Golden, caramelized and ohh sooo gooood!!!

Brownies & Sweet Breads

Brownies Our chewy brownie is chocolaty and has a chocolate chip surprise in every bite!

Pumpkin Bread A favorite for both our big and small customers alike, the flavor of pumpkin comes through in just the right amount. With pumpkin seeds baked into the top, both the flavor and appearance of this quick bread are delicious.

Banana Bread Made with real bananas, this quickbread is a great grab-and-go item.

Coffee Cake Our coffee cake has a traditional crumble topping with brown sugar and spices and a thin chocolate ribbon through the middle.


Chocolate Chip A little crispy and a little soft, our chocolate chip cookie has been keeping customers happy for over 20 years —your taste buds will not be let down! Did we mention you can also get take-and-bake dough at all local valley retailers and in both of our cafés?

Oatmeal Raisin Yes, this is that one—the birdseed cookie that you have heard about! Our oatmeal raisin is a cherished favorite for all both near and far. Made with oats, raisins, an assortment of seeds, butter, and GMO-free flour, this is THAT cookie you will tell your friends about.


Our fan favorite granola is shipped all over the US to our customers! Filled with a wonderful blend of rolled oats, our Bigwood Bread local honey, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and cloves. Top it with some yogurt and fruit and all your granola dreams will come true.  We have 3 delicious flavors to choose from including:

  • Original
  • Cranberry
  • Blueberry


All of our coffees are custom-roasted right here in Idaho. Early Riser is a dark and bold Sumatra with a smooth roasted finish. Baker's Choice is a dark and hearty roast with a deep, rich body and a carbony aroma. French Roast is our darkest and most robust roast with a rich and intense aroma. And Espresseo Primo is a very smooth and rich blend, producing a dark golden crema.


We work with local Idaho beekeepers to produce the perfect honey. Our varieties include Pure Grade A Honey, Pure Grade A Wildflower Honey, Pure Grade A Idaho Premium Creamed Honey, Pure Grade A Premium Wildflower Honey, and Pure Grade A Idaho Honey blended with ethically sourced honey from Argentina.