Grade School Lunch

Kid Delights


Sofie's Roll | $4.99

Roast turkey, provolone cheese, spinach and cranberry cream cheese
rolled into a flour tortilla and cur into rolls

"Sweet and healthy bite size goodness"


Owen's Wrap  | $4.99

Ham, cheddar cheese lettuce, tomato mayo wrapped in a flour tortilla
Yum, Add bacon for $1.00


Liam's Wrap  |  $5.49

Grilled chicken, hummus, spinach and carrots


Classic Grilled Cheese | $2.99

 BWB Bread of choice


MTO (Made to Order, Kid Sized) | $4.49

 Bread, meat, veggies and fixins

We'll make it just the way your little ones like it!


Bagel with Butter or Cream Cheese  |  $2.29  /  $3.29
Choose any fresh BWB bagel


Kids Quesadilla | $3.49

 Cheese only!


Gluten Free Mac and Cheese  |  $3.49  "New"


Spaghetti and Meatballs  |  $4.49  "New"

Yummy Pasta in a creamy red sauce made for kids with
2 Pre-cut bite sized  meat balls,, No knife Required !


Build your own Burrito  |  $4.49  "New"

Choose up to 5 tasty items,
Chicken, Black Beans, Mexican Rice, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese,
Avocado,,, Served with a side of Sour Cream


Kids Sides


Fresh Fruit Cup | $2.49

Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Hand Cut in our kitchen daily


Kids Yogurt with Berries  |  $1.99  Add BWB Granola $2.99
Vanilla Yogurt with yummy fresh berries on top


Side of Apple wood Smoked Bacon  |  $1.99  "New"
4 Slices of freshly cooked bacon,, "A 4th Grade Favorite!"


Small Chocolate Chip Cookie  |  $1.00  "New"


** Don't forget we have PB&J and Pumpkin or Banana Bread

Fresh Soups and Chili every day.